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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best building log?
A. In our experience, coastal Western Red Cedar is the premium hand craft building log. We make this bold statement for a number of reasons. First of all, it is the most beautiful building log on the planet with its natural flutes, flares and taper. It is also proven to have the highest R value which lends itself to the most energy efficient log on the market. Cedar contains natural components that make the most insect and decay resistant wood fibers available.

Q. Do your log homes settle and if they do how do you deal with that?
A. Yes our homes do have minor compression. Settling is a topic commonly conveyed as a "problem." However as with any aspect of life, when dealt with on an expert level it is nothing more then a facet of construction. With over 25 years of company experience we have a multitude of techniques to construct you a home free of issues related to this topic.

Q. How do your home packages compare pricewise with common kit home companies?
A. Comparing Handcrafted homes to kit or milled log package suppliers in any shape or form is like comparing apples to oranges. Handcrafted log homes, milled kit homes, and conventionly "stick built" homes are all homes, but obviously very different. Assuming all exterior and interior finish grades are compairable on all three of these building methods you typically come out with final pricing with in a few percent one way or the other.

Q. Why do you think its important to offer on-site assembly with your package?
A. Most companies simply deliver a "package," requiring you to find someone with enough experience to build it for you. We eliminate all the hassle of do it yourself construction issues along with trucking, crane rental etc and are capable of producing a level of finished product that is only possible by having the men that initially crafted the log package reassemble it on your site.

Q. Do you handle trucking?
A. Absolutely. Scandinavian handles all logistics whether national or international. We prefer to include all transportation costs in our initial project estimates, instead of placing this responsibility on our client or their general contractor.