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Steve Estola

s n r on st geo 

Steve is the founder and president of Scandinavian Log and Timber Works and handles all public relations. Flowing from his deep passion for the craft, he enjoys sharing his artistic input during design and build. Steve treasures spending his spare time with his wife Robin, children and grandchildren.

Mike Lakatos


mikelMike joined the team in 2003. He manages all raw timber at the yard from receiving delivery through debarking and final preparation for fitment. He enjoys playing guitar, fishing, wood working and spending time with his wife Karen.

Blake Estola


blake Blake is a board member for the Great Lakes Log Crafters Association. He enjoys spending personal time with his wife, Cynthia, and daughter, Chanel.


What does he enjoy about his job?

"I love working with a company full of artists that create world class log homes and the deep relationships that are built with each customer along the journey of a masterpiece."


Zack Estola

zackZack joined the team in 2002. Receiving his Bachelor’s degree from The University of Green Bay in 2013, he handles drafting and is instrumental in the early stages with Scandinavian’s client relationships by helping folks get their dreams down on paper.  He started for Scandinavian as a part time employee, working around school.  When Zack is not working he enjoys spending time with his wife, Bonnie, and their daughter, Violet. Zack also enjoys getting outdoors and enjoying one of the many activities the north woods has to offer.


What does he enjoy about his job?

"The work environment, team work, and creativity involved in creating Scandinavian’s structures."

Austin Estola


16864551 654876171370711 8976883886784038460 nAustin is a Log Craftsman. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He is currently taking courses in Animation and likes to play sports.


What does he enjoy about his job?

 "One thing I love about my job is that I know this project will be around for a long time. It's something that could be around for generations for families to enjoy. I enjoy spending time outdoors and working alongside my co-workers."

Shawn Basom


shawnShawn joined the team in 2012 and is an expert in round log joinery. In his personal time he is a sportsman and enjoys the great outdoors of Northern WI.

"I love to hunt and catch some fish. And I enjoy Mother Nature and all she can dish. From the sunrises bright and early with ducks folding in, to sitting in a corn field with geese circling. Jumpin in my truck and driving till I find a raod I've never been down. Cuz nothing beats getting out and not sitting in town."


What does he enjoy about his job?

"The best part of my job is getting to build people's dream."

Joseph Kostac


joeJoe became part of the team at Scandinavian  in 2014. Joe enjoys hiking in the porkies when he is able to find the time.


What does he enjoy about his job?

"I like everything about my job. Everything that I do. I like the people I work for and with, I like running all the different equipment, I like all the different aspects and all the different things to learn."

Andy Virshek


IMG 0657Andy joined the team in 2016. 

Andy was born and raised in Ironwood, MI. He joined the US Army and spent 3 years in Texas and 10 months in Afghanistan. He came back, went to school and became part of the SLTW team. He got engaged in April of 2016!

What does he enjoy about his job?

"The crew, setting the house, framing in roofs and walls and all that."


Joe Dykstra


IMG 0178Joe joined the team in 2016. 

What does he enjoy about his job?

"I love the experience of working for Scandinavian in its entirety. As a part of the crew, we're always doing something amazing or getting ready to do something amazing in some amazing place with a great group of people."

Britney Estola

IMG 0604 2Britney has been a part of the team performing a variety of administrative functions since 2005. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from Michigan Technological University and worked previously in Acquisition for the Department of Defense.  


What does she enjoy about her job?

"The creativity. Every home is so uniquely different. No day is the same. I get to be part of a company whose primary goal is to help people bring the dream home they've only imagined to life. It's awesome."